Strides Mentorship Program

We all need a community cheering us on, while holding us accountable for our actions. Our STRIDES Mentorship Program for equine wellness professionals does all that, and more through mentorship, support, and collaboration.

S.T.R.I.D.E.S Mentorship Program
Making Strides to Achieve Your Dreams 

STRATEGIES on business development
TEAM approach through collaboration
RESPONSIBILITY and accountability through action
INSPIRATION and goal setting
DEVELOPMENT of leadership and personal growth
EXPERTISE with an experienced business coach
SUPPORT with a community and mentorship

By joining the STRIDES Mentorship Program you will learn how to apply basic principles to your business, and make it work FOR you instead of working you into the ground. Get the support and accountability you need to make the changes to accomplish your goals. Get out of your own way, learn to play bigger in your own life, and ENJOY your success!


  • Monthly Group Coaching Call with Q&A

  • Private Business Coaching Facebook Group

  • Monthly Exercises and Lessons

  • Monthly Goal Setting

  • Guest Speakers

  • Trainings and Case Studies

  • Discounts on ONE-ON-ONE coaching packages

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