We all have one thing in common: We are all facing this time of uncertainty and the unknown. We are full of anxiety, worry and stress about what may or may not happen. I invite you to take this time to shift your focus on what it right in front of you and be present in this very moment. Worrying and stressing does not solve anything. As I write that sentence, I am saying it out loud to myself as well. Because like you I am also worried about what the future will hold.

What I have learned during this pandemic so far is that I have been given and opportunity; an opportunity to challenge myself to become stronger, lasered focused about my goals ( in all areas of my life ), more vulnerable with my self and others and an opportunity to really look at the shadows of myself that hold me back.  My fears, thoughts that do not serve me, bad habits, people in my life and even my desires. All these things have held me back in one way or another because I allowed them to. At one point in my life I  have allowed all these outside thoughts and beliefs to derail me from my mission. My life’s work and passion.

I know I am not alone in this at all and we have all been there especially during this time of unknown. Please do not think that I have not have a meltdown during all this because I definitely have and more than once. The little thought that creeps into your head and gets bigger and bigger and before you know it, your entire day was spent in fear and worry.  What this time and opportunity have given me is time to practice really training my thoughts so I do not become derailed for hours or a day. I am allowing myself to have the feeling, notice it, recognize it and let it pass through my like the wind.  Emotions are good. Let them come up but also allow them to move through you. Emotion is motion. They need to move through you but until you recognize them, observe them as the observer and let them go they will stay and only build.

I know all that is easy to say but when you are in the trap of fear and worry of the unknown how do you get out of that cycle? Here are a couple things that have helped me throughout my life and now during this time of uncertainty.

1, Journaling – writing has always helped me work through things that are going on in my life and in my head. Writing your thoughts and feelings down can be very therapeutic. I think of it as I am passing it on to the universe so I do not need to hold on to it any longer.  I trust the universe, the process and what is happening in my life to teach me the things that I need to help serve others better.

2. Exercise – Just get up and move. I don’t care what it is. Walk the dog, take up a new exercise routine or continue to follow your yoga practice at home. Whatever it is just move. Moving your body increasing your endorphins, blood flow and gets things going. I started running and a 30 day yoga challenge. Whatever it is, Start now and start moving.

3. Get outside – Being outside, letting the sun kiss your face is one of the most therapeutic things you can do. Read outside, do some yard work or play with your kids. Whatever is it make sure to get outside everyday.

4. Have a routine – Remember with structure we find freedom. I know it is difficult during this time being spend at home to find structure and routine but I challenge you to do so. It will help you stay focus, feel accomplished and in the end create freedom in your life. Choose a couple goals and think about how you will feel once you completed it. Get Creative!

5. Be prepared – We need to be prepared and safe but being hysterical and overreacting does not help us or our community. Get what you need, stay at home and follow all the recommendations and guidelines that we care given. Limit your time watching the news to once a day so you can be up to date on the situation but do not inundate yourself.

6. Get connected – Reach out to family and friends, have phone dates, game night through zoom, whatever you choice just keep connected to your family, friends, co workers and clients. This is so important during this time when we are isolated. I encourage you to set up a weekly time to talk to your family, friends, have a date night through facetime, game night or just a girls night in with some wine and a zoom call. I know this has helped me tremendously during this time while I am in Florida and the rest of my family is across different parts of the country. Please stay connected.

7. Be grateful – Several times a day be grateful. Set an alarm on your phone a couple times a day to remind yourself to stop what you are doing and be grateful. Be grateful for all the wonderful people in your life, family, friends, your home, your animals, your healthy, No matter what is going on in your life you can ALWAYS find something to be grateful for,

And remember this too shall pass. Stay strong my friends and know we will come out on the other side of this stronger.