Owning your own business, starting a new business and being an entrepreneur is a stressful and overwhelming undertaking. We are often terrible at taking care of ourselves because there is just too much to do and the list is never ending.
We need to remember that if we do not take care of ourselves we will have nothing to give to others or our business. Here are some self care tips that I have learned and put into my own practice that will help you to start managing your health and well-being from the inside out.
👉CREATED “ME TIME” IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE. For me this is in the mornings with my cup of tea, my journal and planning my day and getting centered.
👉EXERCISE DAILY. We all know how important and essential it is to move EVERY SINGLE DAY! This can be a walk after work, riding horses, going to a yoga class or pumping iron at the gym. Whatever gets you out and moving just do it every day.
👉LEARN TO SAY NO. This is a hard one but an absolute must when developing and running your own business. You can not do it all (even though we want to) and it’s okay.
👉FIND WAYS TO UNWIND EVERYDAY. Everyone has their own way of unwinding after the business day. This can be reading a book, playing with your dogs, going out friends, etc. Whatever your unwinding is make sure you get some time in each day to unplug.
👉NOURISH YOUR BODY. Your body is what keeps you going daily and it’s amazing, self healing vessel but we need to respect and take care of it by eating healthy.
👉ENJOY A HOBBY. Everyone needs a break from work and needs to blow off steam. Doing something fun gives your mind a much needed break, so you will be more creative and energized when it comes time to focus.
👉SLEEP. You need to make sleep a priority. Sleep is vital to our well-being. It is when our body heals and repairs itself, and it key to supporting healthy brain function.
👉BE PRESENT. Mindfulness can make a huge difference in one’s life. Learn to pay attention to your moment to moment experiences and focus on connecting with others on a deeper level – all of which are important to your well-being and happiness.