They say you never get over your first love. This is definitely a true statement when speaking about my first equine love, Kitty Hawk. Half quarter horse half hackney pony, chestnut mare with 4 white socks and a white blaze running down her face, Kitty Hawk was perfect in my eyes. She even had a heart-shaped spot on her muzzle that I was convinced was there just for me. In the 5 years that Kitty Hawk was in my life I learn far more than my diagonals, leads, and how to spot a jump. Kitty Hawk, was and still is my greatest teacher of life.

I was 9 years old when my mom decided to lease, Kitty Hawk. The joy and excitement that I felt during that time is indescribable. I still remember sitting in middle school writing all over my notebooks, “I love Kitty Hawk”. I was so obsessed I even brought her into school for show and tell one year. To say that I was horse crazy is an understatement. This was the start of my horse obsession and the beginning of my quest for spiritual and physical balance in my personal life as well as my life with my equine partners.

At a very early age I realized the healing power of horses. At three years old I was watching people in wheel chairs experience a moment of freedom while they rode their horse, through the therapeutic riding program at the stable were my mom boarded her horse. I knew back then that there was a connection far beyond what the eye can see and when Kitty Hawk came into my life I was able to experience this connection and healing power first hand.

Kitty Hawk and I trained and showed on the hunter circuit and rode on the state and national level through 4-H. We traveled all over the east coast, showing every weekend that we could. Over those 5 years, my relationship with Kitty Hawk developed into a soulful, spiritual one. A relationship that I can only describe as true love, one of the spirit.

Of course, my relationship with Kitty Hawk taught me responsibility, discipline, and a level of dedication that is needed when caring for a horse. More importantly it also taught me things far beyond the care of an animal. Kitty Hawk, became my counselor, my best friend, during a time in my life that was very difficult and painful. She helped me to trust and to be confident in who I was and follow my truth. As we both grew together, both physically and spiritually, I learned about compassion, calmness, acceptance and inner peace through her nature. I believe horses naturally exhibit theses qualities and I believe this is seen in their strength, power, simplicity, and purity.

Kitty Hawk, was the first of many horses that came into my life and was a great teacher. I am thankful to have had the success we shared together and the accepting, trusting and awe-inspiring relationship that can only be described as my first love.